Capacity Development Project by Japanese Geoparks Network

 In May, 2016, the Japanese Geoparks Network (JGN) commenced the “Capacity development to stimulate networking activities between geoparks in the Asia-Pacific” Project 2016 which was subsidized by the (FY2016) Official Development Assistance Grants for UNESCO Activities by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan.

 The aim of the program was to stimulate geopark activities in the Asia-Pacific region by utilizing and sharing the experiences of the JGN in establishing and managing geoparks using a bottom-up approach, and to develop human resources of Japanese Geoparks to become more actively involved in international activities. The following four programs were implemented with participants from Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam this year.  The final report is now available from the link below.

★The final report
“Capacity Development to Stimulate Networking Activities Between Geoparks in the Asia-Pacific Region” project in 2016

1. Implementing Organization
Japanese Geoparks Network
2. Subsidy
(FY2016) Official Development Assistance Grants for UNESCO activities by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan
3. Target Countries
Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia
4. Project Aim
・To support the establishment of new geoparks in the target countries
  –through sharing the experiences and knowledge of Japanese geoparks
  –with the key players / stakeholders in the target countries
・Raise the capacity of Japanese geoparks and its staffs
  –toward a more advanced international collaboration, and regional and global networking
5. Project Outline
  1. 5-1. Join the Geoparks Niigata International Forum (27-29 July 2016; Niigata, Japan)
      -Kick-off Workshop of the Project
      -Excursion in Itoigawa UNESCO Global Geopark
  2. 5-2. Join the International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks (26-30 September2016; Torquay, United Kingdom)
      -Presentation by the aspiring geopark of the target country
      -Geofair booth exhibition jointly with the UNESCO Global Geoparks in Japan
  3. 5-3. Join the Japanese Geoparks Network National Conference (10-13 October 2016; Numazu, Japan)
      -Organize a parallel session of the national conference on the topic of international collaboration
      -Excursion in Izu Peninsula Aspiring Geopark
      -Visit the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO
  4. 5-4. Join the Japanese Geoparks Evaluators’ Training Course (9-11 December 2016; Tokyo, Japan)
      -Subsequently, hold a meeting to summarize this year’s project
Kickoff workshop Geofair exhibit at the 7th Intl. Conference
Session at the National Conference of JGN Excurison at the Izu Peninsula Aspiring Geopark
Courtesy Visit to the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO Project Summary Conference
6. Project Team Member
Appointed as Name(Group) In charge of Belonging Geoparks
Leader Hiroko Torigoe Itoigawa UGG
(Chief of Group A)
Shinsuke Nakamura
(A.Management & Planning)
Budget & coordination Hakusan Tedorigawa
(Chief of Group B)

Nire Kagaya
(B.Program Planning)

International Conference of
UGG in English Riviera
Toya Caldera and Usu Volcano UGG
(Chief of Group C)
Kana Furusawa
(C.Focal Point for Invitees)
Thailand Muroto UGG
Project Staff Kana Iwai
(A.Management & Planning)
Communication Strategy Sakurajima Kinkowan
Project Staff Yuka Omae
(B.Program Planning)
Geoparks Niigata International Forum Mt. Apoi UGG
Project Staff Riyeko Fujii
(B.Program Planning)
National Conference in Izu Peninsula Minami Alps
Project Staff Makoto Takahashi
(B.Program Planning)
National Conference in Izu Peninsula Izu Peninsula
Project Staff Kazunori Noguchi
(B.Program Planning)
JGC Evaluators Training Course in Tokyo Nanki Kumano
Project Staff Mari Koyama
(C.Focal Point for Invitees)
Malaysia San'in Kaigan UGG
Project Staff Hikari Shiba
(C.Focal Point for Invitees)
Vietnam Sakurajima Kinkowan
Project Staff Teresa Sadkowsky
(C.Focal Point for Invitees)
Translation Oki UGG
Support Staff Hisashi Oiwane Mishima Kikai Caldera
Support Staff Marekazu Ono Unzen Volcanic Area UGG
Support Staff Masakazu Furukawa San'in Kaigan UGG
Support Staff Atsuko Niina San'in Kaigan UGG
Support Staff Noritaka Matsubara San'in Kaigan UGG
Support Staff Mariko Yamauchi Aso UGG
Support Staff Takumi Harada Mt. Apoi UGG
Support Staff Hiroaki Ugai Amakusa
Secretariat General Seiichi Saito Secretariat of JGN
Secretariat Staff Masako Kamiya
(A.Management & Planning)
Accounts Secretariat of JGN
Secretariat Staff Tomoko Naito
(A.Management & Planning)
Accounts Secretariat of JGN
Chief Researcher Kuniyasu Mokudai
(A.Management & Planning)
Administrative affairs & arrangements Secretariat of JGN
Advisor Setsuya Nakada Japan Geopark Committee
Advisor Mahito Watanabe UNESCO Global Geoparks Council